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Spiral Cutting Bits Multipurpose (561)

For 'free' cutting in softer materials like soft wood, drywall and plastics


Product description

What can you do with it?
Best for cutting and drilling in soft materials such as soft woods (less than 12mm
thick) and plastics. Great to go freehand to create the shapes you like.

How to use?
We recommend to use this bit with the Dremel Multipurpose Cutting Attachment, because it’s designed to help you maintain depth during the application. It’s important that the depth of the guide supports the cutting blade extending beyond the material by about 0.6 cm. (.25”). If the bit extends out too far beyond the material, it can be more difficult to control and can actually snap the bit.

Best control of the bit occurs when moving in a clockwise direction. Begin the cut at a 45 degree angle and then bring the accessory to 90 degrees.
The tool should be set at a high speed, the feed rate of the material or the tool through the material should be slow and gradual. Too much pressure will cause this accessory to get “red hot.”

Using the tip of the bit is not the best way to cut – we recommend using the sides of the bit, where the full cutting capacity of the fluting can be put to use.
Materials to use on

Soft materials like soft woods (less than 12mm thick), plastics, glass fibers and thin foils of aluminum.
Recommended speed

Aluminum 20.000 – 35.000 RPM
Hardwood 20.000 – 35.000 RPM
Softwood 20.000 – 35.000 RPM
Plastic 10.000-15.000RPM

Aerated Concrete
Sandwich material
Soft Metal
Veneered woods

Packaging Contents

Order number

technical specifications

Accessory length
65.0 mm
Maximum RPM
35,000 1/min
Shank diameter
3.2 mm
Working diameter
3.2 mm
Working length
30 mm

Usage Information

Durability of accessory:

1 being the lowest and 3 being the highest

Recommended attachment:

DREMEL® Line & Circle Cutter (678) DREMEL® Multipurpose Cutting Kit (565)

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