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Reclaimed Table

Recycle a pallet for a multi-functional table.

projectpicture for step1

Step 1

Cut the pallet in half – against the centre support beam – using the DSM20 tool fitted with the DSM500. Use the beam as your guide as you cut through the wooden planks.

projectpicture for step2

Step 2

Remove planks and re-position them to fit more tightly together. You can use scrap planks from the removed portion of the pallet. Use a Multi-Max tool to remove any stubborn nails.

projectpicture for step3

Step 3

Plunge cut the center three planks in a rectangle to make space for your plants to sit.

projectpicture for step4

Step 4

Cut the support beam you removed in step one into 4 equal-lengthed pieces to create the legs to your table. Secure with screws

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Other supplies

Drill Driver + Wood Screws

Pallet (ask a local store)