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Shopping Guide: 8 Must-Have Tools For Upcycling

The art of upcycling is taking the world by storm. And rightly so. Creating new furniture and objects out of old, used things is as satisfying as it is sustainable. All you need is an inspiring upcycling idea, some old materials, a few helpful tools and a bit of time. Not sure where to begin? Let Dremel’s ultimate shopping guide to upcycling help you on your way to your next upcycling success story.

From sanding wood to polishing or drilling, a Dremel Multi-Tool is a versatile companion to have when you’re upcycling.

Dremel® Multi-Tool 8220

Exciting, easy upcycling ideas can range from pocket-sized projects, like decorating a pebble, to large designs. How about giving unused clothes hangers a new lease of life as a coat rack Upcycling used objects into furniture is especially rewarding. Your trusty Dremel Multi-Tool (8220) will do all the hard work for you. It’s precise yet powerful, cordless for use in any location and has a versatile range of attachments and accessories. Whether your project requires cutting or drilling, sanding or polishing, with Dremel anything is possible.

Attach an Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone 9.5 mm (952) to your trusty Dremel Multi-Tool and deburring copper pipes will be effortless.

Multipurpose Set (687)

With this multipurpose accessory kit in your toolbox, there’s no end to your DIY, craft and upcycling options. Inside the reusable storage box you’ll find 52 of Dremel’s best-selling bits, from grinding stones to sanding bands and polishing wheels. Combine your trusty Multi-Tool with the Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone 9.5 mm (952), and grinding metals will be a doddle. Or attach the 19 mm Bristle Brush (403) for easy deburring and cleaning. No matter what materials you’re looking to upcycle, there’s a Dremel accessory to help you out.

Smooth and finish your upcycling projects with the Dremel Sanding Band (438).

150 pieces Dremel® Multipurpose Accessory Set (724)

Do you want to go all out on your next upcycling project? By teaming up your Multi-Tool with Dremel’s incredibly versatile 150 pieces Multipurpose Accessory Set (724), you’ll have a one-stop DIY workshop at your disposal. Whether it’s cutting, grinding, cleaning or carving you’re after, just pop in the appropriate accessory and you’re ready to upcycle. You can engrave delicate glass objects, smooth broken china for use in jewellery or upcycle an old chair into a chic towel rack. The possibilities are endless.

Cutting perfect circles out of wood, laminate or drywall is easily done with Dremel’s Line & Circle Cutter (678).

Dremel® Line & Circle Cutter (678)

If your upcycling project involves cutting straight edges or perfect holes, Dremel’s Line & Circle Cutter (678) is the attachment to have. It’s quick and easy to attach without the need for extra tools. Its depth adjustment feature helps you to set the correct cutting depth for your project. The circle diameter has a range of 1.9 to 30 cm, allowing for a multitude of solutions. How about giving an old suitcase a new lease of life as a pet feeding station . With Dremel, you can make it happen.

Increase the precision of your handiwork by clamping the object you want to upcycle into a Dremel Multi-Vise (2500).

Dremel® Multi-Vise (2500)

One of the easiest, sure-fire ways to upgrade your upcycling skills is by using a vice, such as the Dremel® Multi-Vise (2500). As soon as you clamp either your object or your rotary tool into its jaws, you increase not only your precision, but also your safety and comfort. A vice keeps your object or tool steady while you cut, carve or drill, preventing it from slipping and causing damage. Furthermore, the Dremel® Multi-Vise allows you to rotate the clamped object 360°, giving you the opportunity to find the perfect working angle when executing your upcycling ideas.

Dremel’s Multipurpose Cutting Kit (565) provides you with full control over any cuts you might want to make when upcycling.

Dremel® Multipurpose Cutting Kit (565)

Did you know that Dremel’s Multipurpose Cutting Kit (565) not only provides practical home improvement solutions, but is a favourite of craft lovers too? Thanks to the excellent visibility through the Cutting Guide window, you have full control over your cuts, even the tiny ones. The different bits can cut into a variety of materials, from drywall and fibreglass to vinyl siding. If this all sounds too much like DIY to you, don’t worry. The kit is just as suitable for crafting wooden animals out of driftwood, or any other easy upcycling idea that might take your fancy.