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Shopping Guide: Essentials for Your Home Office Set-Up

Whether it’s only a few days a month or a daily deal, working from home is gaining momentum. For remote working to be a success, having a home office set-up that’s both creative and constructive is crucial. Luckily, Dremel is here to help you transform your remote working requirements into reality. Are you after a funky way to hide all your cables, a fitted desk to maximise a small office space, or a DIY floating shelf to display your favourite books? This splendid shopping guide will help you find all the right tool bits to make your home office dreams come true.

Sanding wood at a right angle becomes child’s play with Dremel’s 8220 kit.

Dremel® 8220-2/45

Whether you’re maximising a small home office space with fitted furniture or personalising your home office decor with some stylish touches, with the Dremel 8220-2/45 Multi-Tool kit you’ll be fully prepared when office inspiration hits. You might want to sand wood when creating a to-die-for desk one day, then engrave your favourite coffee mug or rout a groove into a floating shelf the next. If you’re a DIY enthusiast expecting high performance and versatility from your cordless Multi-Tool, the Dremel 8220 kit with 2 attachments and 45 accessories is the right choice for you.

The Plunge Router Attachment allows for precise routing in straight lines, circles or freehand.

Dremel® Plunge Router Attachment (335)

Does your home office set-up involve any routing? Then the Dremel Plunge Router Attachment is an essential addition to your rotary tool collection. It turns your Multi-Tool into a plunge router, guiding you when routing sleek straight lines, precise circles or fine freehand designs, such as lettering or inlay work. Its transparent base ensures wonderful visibility, while the quick-release depth stop allows for swift depth adjustment. With the plunge router, making your own mobile phone charging station , for example, is no problem at all. Go on, upgrade your Dremel with this awesome attachment.

Dremel’s Multipurpose Router Bit Set comes with seven different routing bits in a wooden storage box.

Dremel® Multipurpose Router Bit Set (660)

The Multipurpose Router Bit Set (660) perfectly complements Dremel’s Plunge Router Attachment (335), giving you countless routing possibilities. The set includes seven differently shaped routing bits. The straight bits (650, 652, 654) create square-bottomed grooves, while the pointed bit (640) gives you a sleek v-groove. Grab the piloted bits (612 or 615) for a decorative or rounded edge. For narrow slots, the keyhole bit (655) will help you out. Ready to be inspired? Try this home office project and get routing!

Get into hard-to-reach places with the Dremel Right Angle Attachment.

Dremel® Right Angle Attachment (575)

As a working professional, you want your home office set-up to be sleek and sophisticated. Using the Right Angle Attachment on your Dremel Multi-Tool is a fail-safe way of achieving just that. The attachment quickly and easily converts your Dremel into a 90° right angle tool, enabling precise and detailed work in hard-to-reach places. You can work in tight spots, manoeuvring the tool into corners, cabinets and drawers without the need to awkwardly twist your hand or wrist. An added bonus: it’s easy to see what you’re doing, giving you extra control when fine-tuning your DIY home office project.

Increase the precision of your handiwork by clamping the object you want to upcycle into a Dremel Multi-Vise (2500).

Dremel® Multi-Vise (2500)

When DIY-ing your home office decor, Dremel’s Multi-Vise (2500) can be a true lifesaver. Acting as a stationary vice, a stand-alone clamp or a tool holder, it offers optimal stability and allows you to work safely and securely. The vice rotates and tilts, enabling you to comfortably work at any chosen angle. Whether you’re sharpening scissors, sanding a filing cabinet, engraving a pen holder or cutting holes in your DIY cable box , your vice will give you a helping hand.

Switching sanding bands is straightforward with Dremel’s EZ SpeedClic system.

Dremel® EZ SpeedClic: sanding mandrel & sanding bands (SC407)

The likelihood of there being some woodworking involved in your newly designed custom-made home office is high. And where there’s wood, there’s sanding to be done. With the Dremel EZ SpeedClic: sanding mandrel & sanding bands in your toolbox, you’ll be all set for sanding. The revolutionary EZ SpeedClic system makes changing sanding bands as easy as one-two-three, while the 13 mm sanding bands included can be used not only on wood, but on plastics, rubber and metal too. With Dremel’s sanding accessories, you’ll give your funky home office furniture, like this modern desk , a smooth finish in no time.