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5 Ideas For: Nonslip Glue-Gun Hacks

Who knew that a glue gun could make life so much easier? DIY projects around the house often require hot glue, but glue can be used for many other useful purposes, including making things nonslip. Keep everyday objects in place with our favourite inspirational ideas for making slippers, clothes hangers, and even rugs nonslip using glue.


How’s this for an amazing hot-glue hack? Blogger Jill Nystul shares her tip for making glasses nonslip. Apply a little bit of hot glue on each arm to stop them sliding off your face. Job done!

Do you have a rug that is always slipping and sliding all over the place? Simply take your glue gun, flip over your rug and make lines with hot glue on the backside of the rug.


Keep slippery soap bars in place with a homemade soap holder crafted from hot glue; beautifully demonstrated by Chris Hanisco’s creation.

This glue-gun hack helps to keep your wardrobe organised. Try applying hot glue to hangers to stop your clothes from falling off. Thanks for the tip KrazyCouponLady!

Slippery socks and slippers are no fun, especially for little ones. Make them nonslip with some handy hot glue, as recommended by crafty mum Kristi Goehring.