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Shopping Guide: Everything You Need to Make Your Own Gifts

Homemade gifts – who doesn’t love them? In a world where we can have it all, a classy DIY gift is as precious as it is priceless. With this ultimate shopping list as a guide, you can create just about anything you set your mind to, from robust wooden coasters to dainty dangling earrings. Cutting and carving, etching and soldering – with the right Dremel tools and accessories, bringing to life your crafting ideas is both easy and extremely enjoyable.

With the Dremel® Stylo+, you can turn your creative ideas into amazing DIY gifts.

Dremel® Stylo+

Whether your idea of a cute DIY gift is a hand-carved coaster, a delicate etched glass or an engraved leather bracelet, you’ll complete it to a tee with the Dremel® Stylo+. This versatile, easy-to-handle tool offers precise manoeuvring on a multitude of materials, including wood, metal and stone, turning your creative ideas into interesting DIY gifts. The Stylo+ toolkit (2050-15) includes essential accessories, such as sanding bands and engraving bits, for all your gift crafting needs.

Use your Dremel Multi-Tool to make crafty and classy DIY gifts.

Dremel® 8220

Did you know you can use your Dremel Multi-Tool not just for indoor and outdoor projects, but for crafty and classy DIY gifts too? With its clever range of accessories, your trusty tool helps you create anything from a carved terracotta candleholder for a neighbour to a personalised wine box for your wine-buff boss. The cordless 8220 is great for executing more demanding, detailed projects. It is a powerful Multi-Tool, making this the perfect tool for cutting, drilling or routing.

Crafting DIY birthday gifts with the Dremel® VersaTip.

Dremel® VersaTip

Crafting DIY birthday gifts that are both easy and intricate can be a real challenge. This is where the VersaTip comes in. This slinky soldering iron is slimline and cordless, allowing for unrestricted hand movements. It heats up quickly and comes with a diverse range of tips, including a hot cutting knife, a hot air tip and a soldering tip. Changing the tips is as straightforward as can be, making it the perfect tool for detailed projects, such as creating jewellery and embellishing wood with decorative burns.

The Dremel® Glue Gun offers a great starting point for many cute DIY gifts.

Dremel® Glue Gun 930

You might have bought your Glue Gun simply for gluing things together. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Nothing beats a glue gun when it comes to making your own interesting DIY gifts. Why not design your own bracelet, create a 3D embellishment on a vase or use glue to form a reusable coffee cup sleeve . The drip-controlled precision tip allows you to work neatly and meticulously. There’s even a range of glue sticks in different colours and for different types of materials. Dremel’s Glue Gun offers a great starting point for all of the amazing gift ideas above, and more!

Dremel’s Flexible Shaft allows you to reach your object from difficult angles.

Dremel® Flexible Shaft Attachment (225)

Giving your handmade gifts a bit of shop-bought sparkle requires patience and precision. Dremel’s Flexible Shaft can help you with the latter, allowing you to work precisely and comfortably, even for longer periods of time. Whether you’re carving, engraving or sanding, the Flexible Shaft gives you the freedom to apply your chosen accessory where you want, the way you want it, until you get your homemade gift just right. The Quick Connect system attaches it to your Dremel® Multi-Tool in seconds, so you won’t lose any time setting the attachment up.

The Dremel Detailer’s Grip Attachment gives you more control over the Multi-Tool and keeps it balanced too.

Dremel® Detailer’s Grip Attachment (577)

No matter if you’re engraving, carving, etching or polishing, crafting a cute DIY gift for a friend or loved one can require quite a few minute movements. The Dremel Detailer’s Grip Attachment allows you to transfer the weight of the Multi-Tool from your fingers to the palm of your hand, giving you more control over the tool and keeping it balanced too. The attachment is comfortable to hold and allows you to get up close to your object, improving your precision skills even further. Your handmade present will be all the prettier for it.

Whatever materials you’re working with for your DIY birthday gift, Dremel’s EZ SpeedClic Sanding Mandrel and Bands accessory set will help you on your way.

Dremel® EZ SpeedClic Sanding Mandrel & Sanding Bands (SC407)

After all your hard work cutting, shaping or engraving your homemade birthday or wedding gift, you don’t want to forget the finishing touches. Creating perfectly smooth edges will make your amazing DIY gift stand out from the crowd. Whatever materials you’re working with, be it metal, plastic or wood, Dremel’s EZ SpeedClic Sanding Mandrel and Bands accessory set will help you on your way.

With Dremel’s Diamond Wheel Point (7105), you can add some tasteful touches to your amazing DIY gift.

Diamond Wheel Point (7105)

If you love gift making, one of the most useful bits to have in your toolbox is Dremel’s diamond-covered wheel point. At 4.4 mm in diameter, the Diamond Wheel Point (7105) is the biggest in a range of different sized diamond points and is perfect for engraving hard materials. It’s both precise and easy to manage, whether you’re etching or engraving. Its high durability means the point will last you for ages and you can use it on nearly every material, from silver to semi-precious stones and from ceramics to glass. Go on, have a go and add some tasteful touches to your amazing DIY gift.