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This EVA foam cosplay helmet is the perfect project for beginners

How to Make a Cosplay Helmet out of EVA Foam

Looking to start your cosplay adventure with something approachable? In this video we’ll show you how to make a cosplay helmet out of EVA foam.

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Cosplayer Wayne from Wayne’s Workshop is soldering his own made cosplay costume, using a Dremel VersaTip.

How to Start Making Cosplay Props – with Wayne’s Workshop

Want to start making marvellous cosplay props? Let Wayne take you by the hand and give you his best tips and tricks.

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Cosplayer Wayne from Wayne’s Workshop is testing his technique on a scrap piece of material, using a Dremel Multi-Tool 8220 in combination with the Flexible Shaft.

Shopping Guide: 8 essentials for making your own cosplay props and costumes

Kit out your toolbox with these versatile tools and accessories – they’re ideal for making your own cosplay costumes and props.

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How to Start

These guides for beginners teach you the basics of sanding, gluing and engraving – must-have skills if you want to start making cosplay props.


A Dremel accessory shouldn’t protrude more than half the length of the tool’s shank – less is even better.

How to avoid failures when using your Dremel Multi-Tool

Nobody wants to ruin a cosplay creation while working on it. With these tips, you’ll avoid the most common mistakes made when using a Dremel.

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After using a Dremel glue gun for your cosplay costume, make sure to clean it well.

How to Avoid Failures While Using a Glue Gun

Using a hot glue gun to produce cosplay costumes or wigs? With this fail-safe guide, you’ll find out how to use this tool.

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