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5 Project Ideas For: Upcycle Your Old Silverware

Do you have some old and dull silverware lying around that you don’t want to throw away, but have no idea what to do with it? There are lots of unique and fun ways to upcycle your old silverware and transform them into something new. Check out these project ideas for revamping your oldies and putting them to good use! Make sure you dust off your silverware and give them a fresh polish before you start. From personal gifts to one-of-a-kind jewellery, you can find the inspiration right here.


Sandra from SILVERWAREables® added some shine to these spoons and hand crafted them into stylish bracelets. Use the Dremel Metal Cutting Wheel (SC456) to cut your silverware and use the polishing wheels to restore your old silverware to its original glow.


Jewellery designers Danielle and T.J. from SnoCap Designs made this unique project out of flatware. Give your silverware a thorough polish and engrave a personal message. Isn’t this the perfect wedding gift?


What about repurposing your flatware and make a stylish keychain out of it? This unique piece made by Whispering Metalworks is definitely an addition to your regular set of keys.


Self-taught silversmith Casey Albert from Soderberg Studio makes one of a kind jewellery. You will definitely stand out with a pair of earrings made out of spoons!


Do you have some big spoons that you never use but can’t bear to let them go? Put them to good use by giving them a good polish, adding some engraving and add them to the garden to label your herbs!