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Cleaning and polishing for beginners.

How to Start Cleaning And Polishing

Have a go at cleaning and polishing objects and surfaces with your Dremel tool using our clever beginner’s guide. It’s easy!

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Avoiding failures while cleaning and polishing.

How to Avoid Failures While Cleaning And Polishing

From safely inserting accessories into your tool to applying the right amount of pressure, our handy list of dos and don’ts will help you on your way.

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Follow the steps to clean and polish your bike’s derailleur

How to clean and polish your bike’s rear derailleur

Make cleaning dirty and rusty bike parts fun by using your Dremel Multi-Tool. All you have to do is follow our easy step-by-step video guide.

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Upcycling project: turn an old wire basket into a stylish sidetable using your cleaning and polishing tools.

Give It a Twist: Turn a Wire Basket into a Sidetable

Dive into this inspirational upcycling tutorial and transform an old wire basket into a smart sidetable with your Dremel Multi-Tool.

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Meet Gábor Csiki, a highly skilled prop maker for Hollywood films.

Extraordinary Maker: Film Prop Maker Gábor Csiki

Take a peek behind the scenes of a real Hollywood film with prop maker Gábor Csiki, a true craftsman who makes incredible, lifelike props.

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Cleaning and polishing with motorcycle master Benedek Eszteri.

How to Master Cleaning And Polishing

Watch this masterclass on cleaning and polishing a motorcycle engine block for some brilliant cleaning and polishing tips and techniques.

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Our Comparative Fact Sheet will help you find the right cleaning and polishing accessories.

Compare Cleaning And Polishing Accessories

Find out exactly which cleaning and polishing tools to use on your chosen materials.

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Bring your old silverware back to life with these five project ideas.

Five Project Ideas: Upcycling Your Old Silverware

Give your old silverware a new lease of life with your Dremel Multi-Tool and a couple of cleaning and polishing accessories.

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