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DREMEL® Wall & Floor Grout Removal Kit (568)

Remove grout in between your tiles while having total control and precision

Product description

What can you do with it?
Remove grout from the palm of your hand with ease and accuracy using your Dremel Multi-Tool and the Wall & Floor Grout Removal Kit (568). The 30 degree cutting angle of the provided guide gives you sturdy and controlled cuts which enables you to easily follow and remove the grout line, minimizing the risk of breaking a tile or damaging the surface you work on. The two included and different sized Grout Removal Bits (569 and 570) let's you tackle different thicknesses of grout lines.

How to use?
"Remove your Dremel Multi-Tool nose cap, insert and tighten your chosen accessory, screw on the cutting guide and adjust up to 13mm of depth.
Always use both hands to pull your Dremel Multi-Tool along the grout line, using the large windows to have a ultimate view on your cut for clean grout removal with maximum safety.

Packaging Contents

Order number

technical specifications

Working length
19.0 mm
7.5 cm

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