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DREMEL® Mini Saw Attachment (670)

Make fine and precise cuts in thin wood, laminate or wooden flooring

Product description

What can you do?
Use your Dremel Multi-Tool as a high speed, handheld mini-saw in no time. Gain the ability to make 6.35mm deep, straight cuts in wood or wood like materials, like laminate.

The angled base of the Mini-Saw attachment prevents the belly of your Dremel Multi-Tool from being in the way of the material your working on.
Perfect for DIY projects when you're in need to make straight cuts on flooring such as laminate or wood as well as plunge cuts in your next arts & crafts and modeling projects.

Blade size of 31.8mm & maximum cutting depth, at 90°,of 6.35mm
How to use

Use on wood or wood like materials for the best cutting results.
Unscrew your Dremel Multi-Tools collet, attach the provided drive cap and screw on the Mini-Saw attachment.

Simply insert your cutting blade, tighten and begin cutting.

Packaging Contents

Order number

technical specifications

Max working depth
6.4 mm
4.5 cm

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