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Basket Lights

Re-use old baskets to create a cozy look to your outdoor hang-out!

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Step 1

Use your Dremel® 4000 with the EZ SpeedClic cutting Wheel SC409 to slice a hole just large enough for the chord of your light to string through. TIP: When using the EZ SpeedClic cutting Wheel SC409 (as with most Dremel® rotary cutting wheels), set your tool to full speed. Remember to let the speed of the tool do the work and do not apply excess pressure to the portion of the basket you wish to cut. For this project, the tool can be used at full speed <35,000RPM> or . Make sure your hole is just big enough, but won’t let the light slip through.

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Step 2

To secure the basket to the string of lights, string the chord of the lightbulb through the hole you just cut. TIP: Do some shopping in the outdoor section of your home center to find large, low-voltage outdoor string lights that will work best for this project. ADDITIONAL TIP: Spray paint all of your baskets the same colour for a uniform look or all different colours for a quirky punch of colour!

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