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All of the tools, accessories and attachments you need for making your detailed DIY projects perfect.


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We all know the Dremel Stylo+ is the perfect tool for Arts & Crafts and now it is official! Recognised as the top awards for the best innovations in the DIY sector, the Creative Impulse Awards took place in January and we are pleased to announce the Dremel Stylo+ won the coveted Creative Tool of the Year 2019.

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Maybe you’ve tried working with a hot melt glue gun in the past, but you’ve not quite mastered it, or you’re a complete beginner. Either way, we have everything you need in order to become proficient using a glue gun; whether it’s for DIY, home décor or creative projects.

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Are you itching to make your home a place of inspiration or create personal DIY gifts for your beloved ones? We show you what tools and accessories are the perfect match to your inner crafter and guide you through various easy DIY projects that will astound everyone!

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Maker Harry Harry Arling is an artist through and through: a true creative. “I create 'kosmotronics' – which are works of art made from plastic waste.

MAKER ANOUK Fashion and technology. At a first glance they seem opposites of each other. When you look at the creations made by Anouk you can see they go hand-in-hand.

MAKER DAAN Daan has been specialising in building and designing customs bikes since 2012. He builds bikes that his customers dream of.